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Winter Vacation Part 2 | Coming Home

Day one was a straight drive to Virginia Beach with stops to eat and rest for a bit. Then on the second day we explored the city and Norfolk. On day three we went skiing. Well I skied while the others snowboarded. Then on our fourth day we packed and were ready to go home.

The night we finished skiing we drove home on a super dark and scary road. Since we told ghost stories two nights in a row I say it was pretty eerie to be driving on such a road. The crazy thing about all this is that we all went back to the same road just to make a stop at an old abandon building we passed by that night. Why? Cause we are crazy. We couldn’t decide if the building was an old school or jail. We tried googling it but it didn’t show up. But it was interesting to view and it certainly peaked our curiosity.


We got back on the road and we visited Duke University Chapel. Man this place is massive and we just didn’t have enough time to really explore. If you pass through Durham North Carolina, put this on your bucket list. It’s beautiful and totally worth the stop. Plus it’s free, except for the paid parking. It’s part of the university and the hospital.


My camera couldn’t get the whole place in all it’s glory but this iphone photo got enough of the top. I’m seriously considering investing in a wide angle lens that is compact but just haven’t swallowed it down yet on whether I want to spend that extra cash on it.

Finally, our drive home wouldn’t have been completed if I didn’t visit Cocoa Cinnamon again. I had the opportunity from our last road trip to stop by this coffee shop and ordered their chai tea. I absolutely love their chai tea and last time Vu got some expresso drink and he really liked it too. So we had to stop. I love the shop’s vibe and was glad we got to visit it during the daylight hours.


Again, would have been nice to have a wide angle lens! We also got to do our little ‘stop off the side of the road’ photo for a gorgeous mountain view. This was done in Virginia but I saved this portion of the photos for last. The best part of road trips y’all is the breathtaking scenery. Sure the drive is long but with good conversations, chai tea and good company, you’re totally all set. Just enjoy the ride and take it all in. I totally have a confession to make though. On Friday morning when I woke up I found out it was that time of the month for me. Yup. I woke up extremely sad. I had to shed a few tears and say a quick prayer to get through that morning. Before anyone woke up I had made peace with myself. This month, December, is our official month that we are trying for a baby. I was really hoping it would just happen. But nope–not this month. I was able to enjoy the whole vacation either way. Everyone got along, we all had a good time and even Jordan didn’t complain too much. So it was a fantastic time.


For a little moment I did have to tell Vu how sad I was just to let him know. But our God is a good god and he knows when our timing will be. Getting to have this beautiful scenery and making memories with my family was most enjoyable and I’m so glad we went. On this road trip I came up with a family hashtag for us #letsgojovuno

So you’ll be seeing this hashtag more often–I hope!

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