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Virginia Beach Road Trip | Winter Vacation Part 1

As much as we’d love to be sitting out on the beach, sipping margaritas and enjoying the waves we are kind of limited to our summer vacations. If you’re new to the blog then let me just share with you that summer time is both Vu and I’s peak and busiest season. Vu is a HVAC technician (Air conditioning and heating) and I’m a wedding photographer. So taking off in the summer is very very hard for us. So winter trips and vacations are more normal for us.

I’ve gotten use to the cold somewhat and have been able to push past it for the sake of getting out and taking trips with my family. Besides, why would I let the cold stop me from making fun memories. If it doesn’t bother Vu (he loves the cold) then why should I let something like weather stop me from enjoying time with my family?

The first day of our road trip began with driving through South Carolina and North Carolina.


Don’t mind the photo with Nancy kissing her shoes. She wanted photos with her shoes and I kindly oblige. It made the trip a little more fun because I already wanted to make random stops and take photos for myself but having Nancy want to do the same worked for me!

The 2nd day was filled with exploring Virginia Beach and Norfolk–which was a lot of fun. I love seeing new places and if it were up to me I would have jammed packed our day with visiting museums and historical places. But since we had Vu’s siblings with us, I was gracious enough to not over do it and wear them out lol.

Of the places we stopped at, we saw Cape Henry Lighthouse and Slover Library. Oh and we got our random photo off the side of the road! I thought we were going to die!!! I kept thinking please don’t hit us please don’t his us. And Vu kept saying, “Noi…the cars have plenty of time to come to a stop if they see us.” But that didn’t reassure me. I mean, some folks don’t care about people photographing for the sake of scenery. They just want you to get out of their way!


I was super proud of Tiffany (John’s girlfriend) for climbing the stairway to the top of the tower. She hates stairs. But she was a trooper. That’s usually how I am. For the sake of a photo…I’ll likely do it. Unless of course it means holding a snake or whatnot.


After we walked around Norfolk we headed back to our hotel to do the McDonald Christmas Lights on the boardwalk. So this whole trip was planned around the boardwalk. I really thought we would sit out on the balcony and see the lights. I envisioned us sitting out there with hot chocolate and fun conversations. BOY was I wrong! The Christmas lights was awful! We paid $15 to sit in traffic. It was bummer to bummer and the lights didn’t make an impression on us because we hardly moved. So even seeing the lights, the bummer to bummer car traffic made it really hard to enjoy. We snuck out barely half way through. We must have moved about 25 feet in 25 minutes. That was not going to work!!! John got out the car, moved the ‘do not enter’ gate and we drove off. What a waste of time. I plan on writing a review to warn people about it. After we got back to the hotel we just sat around and told ghost stories. We also did that the night before and Tiffany wanted to do mud masks which was also fun. Since the Christmas lights didn’t work out we really didn’t see any reason to stay on the beach. So we canceled our 3rd night and found a hotel near the ski resort.


I thought I would be carrying my camera book bag for the first few minutes of skiing but decided not to. So we only got these few photos. I also applaud Tiffany with this experience. She gave snowboarding and skiing a try. I actually don’t like skiing that much but I do it because Vu loves snowboarding. I mean, he really really loves it. Jordan is pretty good at it but he gives up easily. He’ll usually last about 2 hours and after that he lounges around. This time, he found himself a little corner slope and had himself a good time sliding down on his butt over and over again. I gave it a try and it was quite fun. Then of course I had to get back on the slopes and ski.

We stopped Charlottesville Virginia which was such a nice town!!! I am hoping we can visit again. I loved driving through the streets filled with historic homes. As we reached the downtown I gawked at the homes. We didn’t have much time to explore since we wanted to quickly get to the resort.


I snapped this photo of their theater which I thought was pretty cool. I seriously hope we can make another trip up to Charlottesville and perhaps do a Bed and Breakfast one weekend. I’d love to explore it some more!

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