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The Parsons Lodge Simple Living and The Pursuit of Life

Today I got to hang out with Rachel at her home. I met Rachel through Angelina and I absolutely love Rachel’s cabin. Instantly I knew I had to visit. I finally was able to get out there and spend a day with her and she gave me the tour.

alt="The Parsons Lodge Simple Living Dwell In This"alt="The Parsons Lodge Simple Living Dwell In This"alt="The Parsons Lodge Simple Living Dwell In This"

I cut some roses from my garden to bring over to Rachel. Flowers make everything better, prettier wouldn’t you agree? Hence we photographed the roses on the walkway of the dock ha ha. I think it’s such a lovely and relaxing atmosphere to be able to wake up to. I imagined the cabin on a foggy morning and picture the thick fog covering the lake and ground. I’m quite sure it’s a beautiful sight. I mentioned, I don’t do yoga but I would consider if I had a dock like this.

alt="The Parsons Lodge Simple Living Dwell In This"

Rachel and I share a love for vintage things and are actually on the same career journey. Well more like discovering what really gets us fueled up and what really brings out our full potential. Life is short…live it the way you want!

There are definitely some changes happening here at home. For one, I got a part time job! When I was sharing with others that I had an interview, quite a few asked if everything was okay with my photography work. And it is. I don’t really book that many weddings as most people think but to me that’s okay. I define my success differently and not by numbers. If you’ve followed along my past posts, you’ll understand what I mean. However, it’s been a complete year now that Jordan has been back in public school and things are kind of quiet here at home. Which is good…but also…not so good. What I’ve learned about myself, more and more each day, is that I need to be around people. Not to stay busy or to keep up with what’s going on–but to feel human, to feel connected, engaged and plugged in. I miss being a part of a team, I miss the chats and bonds only co-workers share because you wake up and go to work and see each other every day. And…my friend laughed when I said this, but I miss baking my goodies and bringing them into the office to share with everyone!!!

I miss the camaraderie. It’s one thing to book coffee dates and get out there but definitely something different to be committed to going in to work and having one common purpose, one common goal. It’s been five years y’all that I’ve been working from home and in-between that mix, homeschooling and just trying to sustain the photography business. But it’s been a one man show for me and I’m quite ready to move on.

As for Rachel, she’s pursuing her love of photography and allowing her creative side to bloom. You can find as Rachel Parsons Photography.

During my visit with Rachel she suggested we visited the antique store and I’m so glad we did! I found myself some goodies. A brown leather filing briefcase to house my records. Whoo hoo I’m so happy with this find! I’ve been wanting something to put my records in so that it wouldn’t take up space in the chest cabinet or sit out collecting dust. I so want to return to O My Junk cause there are so many collectibles and furniture pieces that I want! Oh the interior designer and homemaker in me wants to decorate the house! But I’ll wait until I can return with Vu!

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Wish my luck guys as I start my new journey back in the work field doing part time. Yup, I wanted part time and prayed and prayed about it and God was good to answer yes. I’m super excited and I know it’s exactly what I need. I will still be home for Jordan and have plenty of time to take care of the home but I’ll also get to see other people daily, be a part of a work team again.

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